Brand Turbo

Brand Turbo - an alias used by Brand Engineering Ltd for it's turbochargers operations - focuses on distribution of Honeywell Turbo Technologies (Garrett), Cummins Turbo Technologies (Holset), Mitsubishi Turbochargers, Clover (IHI) Turbochargers, and Hitachi Turbochargers products in Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa region.

The product range includes Turbochargers, Center Housing & Rotating Assembly (CHRA), and Service Kits for Off Road, Trucks, Buses, Passenger Cars, Racing Cars, and Marines Applications.

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- Member Association of Diesel Specialists
- Founding Member Association of Turbo Specialists

Honeywell Turbo Technologies (Garrett)
From the very beginning, Garrett has been known for its tradition of innovation.

Today, it continues to offer the very latest in innovative technology to improve your engine's overall performance, including better fuel economy and reduction of emission into the air.

Passenger cars receive the same cutting-edge boosting technology that goes into all Garrett products. Garrett turbochargers improve both performance and efficiency, with an increase in horsepower of up to 100%, along with reduced exhaust emissions. And when applied to commercial vehicles, Garrett's boosting technology delivers the perfect balance, maximizing power while minimizing the environmental impact.
Cummins Turbo Technologies (Holset)
Cummins Turbo Technology is World's leading producer of heavy duty turbochargers for commercial diesel and gas-derivative engines in the range 3.8 - 25 litre displacement per turbocharger. 

Cummins Turbo Technology employees 1,850 globally and have operations in; Brazil, China, Holland, India, UK and USA - with Headquarters and dedicated technical centre in the UK. 

Cummins Turbo Technologies is an autonomous Business Unit of Cummins Inc. 

Mitsubishi Turbochargers
Right from the starting phase, MHI has implemented state of the art production equipment for its production and assembly activities and this policy has been pursued since. MHI's production lines are highly automated, which requires well-trained and accurate production personnel. This combination of production equipment and personnel results in top quality turbochargers for which it is known in the automotive industry.

Over the years, MHI's turbochargers have been renowned for their most advanced design. It combines the lightest weight, most silently balanced and best response with a very competitive price. MHI's well-developed design allows full automatic robot assembly and provides the world's highest quality standard. A continuously growing number of clients do realize this.

Clover (IHI) Turbochargers
Clover Turbochargers produces an extensive lineup of turbochargers for use in large marine engines, land-base power generator engines, and for compact automobile engines in series.

Clover is expanding worldwide business, with factories and sales offices located in the U.S.A., Europe, Thailand, China, and other countries.


Hitachi Turbochargers
Hitachi founder Namihei Odaira's sincere belief, "Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products" has been handed down to the Hitachi Group today to form Hitachi's Mission.

Hitachi's century-long history is one of giving shape to this Mission, and of supporting society and realizing a more comfortable and more safer world through it's technologies and products, including the environmentally friendly and cost-effective turbocharger products.

Hitachi turbochargers product are mainly focused on commercial vehicles and off-road equipments.