A turbocharger is a highly technological product that helps engine manufacturers meet the latest emissions requirements with improved engine performance and reliability. 

Only world class manufacturers like Garrett, IHI, MHI, Holset, and BWA can help OEMs achieve this challenge.

A genuine turbo offers you the best value in terms of the highest quality and a very competitive price.

Using non-genuine turbo can lead to many frustrating experience, cost increase, and risking your reputation.
Based on factual test results conducted by OE Manufacturers, Copy turbo's show results as follows;

  • Compressor efficiency is up to 3% Lower Than OEM Turbocharger
  • Compressor Range is up to 21% Lower Than OEM Turbocharger
  • Maximum Compressor Flow is up to 19% Lower Than OEM Turbocharger
  • Turbine Efficiency is up to 4.5% Lower Than OEM Turbocharger

 OEM Turbocharger

Copy Turbocharger

  Reduced vehicle performance

  More strain on engine

Turbo optimized to the engine

Longer journey time

Extra costs

Fuel consumption up 5 - 10% higher consumption

Optimum fuel efficiency

Significant increase in running costs

Increased fuel stops